How does Full Mouth Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants can place a single tooth on a single implant screw. In some cases, more than one implant may be needed. Therefore, full mouth implant dental treatment is needed. A set of implants may be preferred to support the full tooth row. Full mouth dental implants can accommodate four to eight dental implants per row of missing teeth, rather than one dental implant per missing tooth.

The main treatment modalities used for full mouth dental implants can be listed as follows;

Implant Supported Prostheses

Implant-supported dentures can be placed on implant screws, providing more support than conventional dentures at an affordable price.

all on four implant

All on 4 İmplant

Compared to other treatment methods, four dental implants placed in the gums are also used in this treatment method. However, a full arch, usually of porcelain teeth, is firmly placed at the gingival level. This means they are permanently fixed to the jaw, meaning they look more like natural teeth in terms of function and aesthetics.

Zirconia Coating

Zirconia (Zirconium Dioxide) is a new development of dental and medical materials, which is a very durable and biocompatible metal like titanium, but has a color indistinguishable from porcelain ceramics. This makes laminated coatings more durable and long-lasting.

Laminate Veneer Advantages

The advantages of Laminate Veneer treatment can be listed as follows;

Deep discoloration of the teeth may occur. These discolorations occur depending on the consumption of colored beverages such as tea, wine and coffee. Colorations are treated with the leaf porcelain treatment method.

Reveals a White Smile.

Gaps between teeth are treated. Having a gap between the teeth can cause discomfort to the patient. These cavities are treated with laminate veneers.

The ratio of the teeth to each other is important for an aesthetic appearance. The non-aesthetic appearance between the teeth is treated. The disproportionate image between the teeth is treated with laminate veneer.

Having crooked teeth can negatively affect the patient’s self-confidence. Crooked teeth can be treated with Laminate Veneer.

Implant Treatment in Turkey

Dental Implant treatment is among the most preferred dental operations worldwide, and it is a frequently preferred treatment method in Turkey. According to studies, implant treatment has a success rate of 98% in Turkey. This rate shows that Turkey is among the most successful countries in implant treatment. You can both get treatment and travel to Turkey. You will not only receive services in the field of health, but also have the opportunity to do cultural tourism.