Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Teeth are special and sensitive structures that should be protected by parents since infancy. Teeth should be protected from infancy and should be maintained by taking precautions such as regular brushing.

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Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Teeth are special and sensitive structures that should be protected by parents since infancy. Teeth should be protected from infancy and should be maintained by taking precautions such as regular brushing. However, sometimes, even if all kinds of precautions are taken, due to a situation caused by the sensitivity of the tooth structures, teeth may easily decay. In this case, necessary precautions should be taken and should not be neglected.

Treatment Methods for Dental Problems

Sometimes, while the discomfort caused by bleeding or inflammation in the gums is relieved, sometimes the teeth may require procedures such as filling or root canal treatment. After the most appropriate treatment method for the problem is determined, treatments should start without wasting time and the health of the tooth should be protected.

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    What is Endodontics?

    It is the specialty of dentistry which deals with root canal treatment. In dental caries, treatment with filling is possible if the caries has not progressed to the dental pulp chamber (the area where the nerves are located inside the teeth). Dental filling is a shorter and easier procedure than root canal treatment.

    It would be more accurate to express the biggest difference that distinguishes root canal treatment from other methods as follows: root canal treatment is applied in decays that have progressed to the border tissues of the tooth. Because the inflamed nerve tissue of the tooth is completely removed and tooth is used after it is completely filled.

    Stages before starting root canal treatment

    As it is known, if there is inflammation or swelling in the tooth, it must be eliminated before dental treatment.  Because it will not be possible to treat the swollen tooth in this way, and it may also lead to other problems. After the swelling and inflammation of the tooth are eliminated, local anesthesia is applied to avoid any pain or ache during the procedure.

    As a result of this anesthesia, treatment is started in the numbed tooth region. In order not to cause any problems during the treatment, care is taken to ensure that the treatment environment is considerably hygienic. The materials to be used during the treatment should not be those used in other patient or rusted. Among them, the most important point is the application of this treatment should be performed by a specialist dentist.

    How Is Root Canal Treatment Done?

    Root canal treatment is the last resort to prevent the decaying tooth from being extracted. If the decayed tooth has reached the nerves of the tooth, those nerves must be removed first. For this reason, after the anesthetized tooth becomes numb, the nerves of the tooth, namely the inflamed dental pulp, are extracted. Afterwards, if there are bacteria in them, they are also thoroughly cleaned.

    After the washing and cleaning process is finished, it is waited until inside of the tooth to dry thoroughly. Otherwise, the filling will not hold or stick. Filling is added so that all the gaps of the tooth that has dried are filled. Afterwards, this filling is dried and the tooth can be used.

    How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

    The duration and session of root canal treatment may differ according to each tooth and person. Several sessions may be needed to clean the lesions and necrosis of the teeth. In vital teeth, root canal treatment and filling can be performed in a single session.

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      What Should Be Considered After Root Canal Treatment?

      The most important points to consider are:

      Consuming extremely hot foods or very cold foods and beverages may damage the filling of the tooth. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid hot and cold foods in order for the tooth filling to fully settle and hold.

      It will be beneficial for the patient not to use that tooth for eating for a while.

      At the same time, nothing should be eaten for 2 hours after the treatment.

      After taking care for a day or two, that tooth can be used easily.

      Will there be pain after the treatment?

      Generally, anesthesia is applied in order to avoid any pain and ache in root canal or filling treatments. This anesthesia is necessary in order not to feel pain during difficult procedures such as removing the nerves of the tooth, cleaning all the bacteria in it, washing it thoroughly and freezing the filling after drying.

      Otherwise, the treatment will not progress as desired and benefit cannot be achieved. In order for the treatment to progress flawlessly and achieve the desired result, the patient to be treated should not feel any pain. For this reason, the tooth is anesthetized.

      When the effect of anesthesia wears off after the treatment, the pain may differ according to each tooth. In case of pain, you can use painkillers recommended by your dentist. In cases where the pain does not go away, you should consult your dentist.

      In Which Situations Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

      Although root canal treatment is known because of the decay reaching the nerves of the tooth, root canal treatment is not applied only for this reason. Root canal treatment may be required in case of cracks or fractures in the tooth, and in case of continuous pain and ache, where it is not possible to use the tooth in this way. Since the dentist will make the right decision for root canal treatment, it should not be neglected and when such conditions are observed in the tooth, an appointment should be made and an examination should be performed.

      Problems Occurring in the Tooth After Root Canal Treatment

      After root canal treatment is applied to any tooth, decay or infection may come back. Although this is sometimes caused by incomplete treatment of the tooth, and sometimes it may also occur as a result of inadequate care of the tooth or improper care, even though there is no defect or mistake in the treatment.

      In other words, the decayed and repaired tooth with root canal treatment may decay again if proper care is not taken. For this reason, it is recommended to take care of the tooth in the best way by paying attention to the points to be considered after root canal treatment.

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        Causes of Infection in the Treated Tooth

        • In patients with severe clenching
        • In cases where the patient discontinues the treatment and the treatment cannot be completed
        • When the treated tooth is traumatized
        • When the root canals are not cleaned adequately during the treatment
        • When the cleaning tool is broken while cleaning the root canals
        • When high filling is made due to dentist error
        • In the case or cases where additional channels are overlooked, infection may occur in the treated teeth.

        In addition to these reasons, it is also useful to know the reasons that are not related to the treatment, which are as follows;

        • After the treatment, sometimes cracks or fractures may occur in the filling due to the hard and careless use of the tooth. This may allow the tooth to breathe, causing an infection to occur and needs retreatment.
        • After dental treatment, dentist’s advice should be followed and the tooth should not be used for a certain period of time. However, if these recommendations are not followed and the tooth is used immediately, the filling will not dry completely and will not settle well. For this reason, it may cause a problem to reoccur.
        • Another reason is the incomplete cleaning and care of the teeth. Because after the treatment is applied, it is wrong to think that there will be no problem again and act comfortably. For this reason, care should be taken not to neglect the care of the teeth and to prevent problems from reoccurring.

        How To Identify Infection In The Tooth?

        In order to understand whether there is any infection in the tooth treated with root canal treatment, the patient needs to check some conditions. For example, if there is a constant pain in the tooth, this indicates a problem. At the same time, if there is pain or ache in the tooth when hot or cold food and drinks are consumed, this is also a sign of a problem.

        For this reason, a person should definitely visit a dentist. After the intraoral examination and x-ray examination, the infection should be detected and the treatment should be started immediately.

        Is Endodontic Applied to the Same Tooth for the Second Time?

        Retreatment treatment (repeat root canal treatment) should be applied as a result of the failure of the root canal treatment due to dentist error or patient-induced failure. It is possible to save the teeth by removing the root canal fillings and repeating the root canal treatment.

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          Can root canal treatment be applied to every tooth?

          No, root canal treatment cannot be performed on every decayed tooth. For this, certain criteria must be met. The necessity of root canal treatment is decided by the dentists who examine the decayed tooth in the oral examination or x-ray.

          Is the tooth treated with root canal treatment dead?

          Actually, yes, it might be said so. Because the pulp tissue that provides the vitality of the tooth is removed.

          How is the recovery process after root canal treatment, how long does it take?

          It varies between 2 and 3 weeks on average. The pain that occurs when pressing on the tooth will decrease during this period and will disappear completely after a while.

          How should the teeth undergoing root canal treatment be taken care of?

          You can prevent the bacteria that will form on the surface and the formation of caries on the minimum surface by using regular brushing and flossing.

          How long is the life of a tooth undergoing root canal treatment?

          There is no exact time. A patient with proper oral care and a healthy tooth with root canal may stay in the mouth for a lifetime.

          Is discoloration seen in a tooth undergoing root canal treatment?

          Yes, it may be seen. This is due to the ingredients of the canal filling used. It is a common condition.